Yogi of the Month

Yogi of the Month


Nominated on behalf of Jeanne Blazo:

"I just left JeriKay's classroom (I volunteered today) and she is simply amazing in how she incorporates her yoga practice with her Kindergartners! When I walked in today, JeriKay was in the process of getting ready for reading work. She had all of the children standing in Warrior pose and they methodically moved around the classroom saying "I am a reader! I am a reader!" while moving their feet and arms back and forth. (Depending on the task at hand, the chanting differs). JeriKay starts each day with 'Boat' and "Mountain.' She has taught the children many animal poses that are incorporated into their everyday work. 

These activities intentionally encourage partner work and build camaraderie and confidence. JeriKay's enthusiasm and commitment to her yoga practice is notable. She made excellent use of her Yoga Center unlimited pass in the month of December! Yoga has become such an integral part of her life, that she simply transfers all of this good energy to her family, friends and students everyday. Her mindful, purposeful activities with children (students) and her belief in yoga's benefits have created a calmness and strength that shows through in all aspects of her life.

When I read the Yoga Newsletter regarding the Yogi of the Month, I immediately thought of JeriKay. Of course she is too humble to think of this as a success story. I consider myself very fortunate to be her friend and believe that her yoga practice has developed a true peacefulness within her. An that, I believe, translates into a true story of ongoing success!"

~ Jeanne Blazo

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