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Mantra Yoga - Path to Freedom and Happiness

Explore the theory and practice of Mantra, Japa and Kirtan

Yoga is so much more than on the mat, or even Hatha Yoga. It is your own Truth, it is a state of consciousness, and it is an inner science designed to lead us to complete happiness. It works to uplift one’s life through uplifting the mind, and finally leads us towards freedom of an experiential and transcendent understanding that you are “in the world but not of the world” - revealing your inner state. Mantra is one of the great powers and practices of Yoga - many masters would say that repeating mantra is the most powerful practice that leads one towards liberation. In this workshop we will explore Mantra Yoga, both the philosophy and the practices which reveal us as Ananda - Bliss.

Led by Swami Sankarananda: "I am a simple pilgrim for peace. After having experienced the grace of inner peace, having lived with and been guided by great Yogis in the Himalayas, and having traveled the USA for nearly five years, now I have been asked to tend to an Ashram - a desert oasis named Divine Grace Yoga Ashram. This space is also simple, its mission is the same as I've been given since coming back to the USA in 2013 to begin a walking pilgrimage across the country. Peace is the mission, Peace is the prize. Peace is within, and can be known without only when it is known within."

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Later Event: August 31
Yoga Sculpt/Flow Class