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Mantra Yoga ~ Creating Your Own Mantra Practice

This 2 hour workshop will teach you how to chant basic mantras and cultivate a daily practice. 

You will learn:
~ Invocation Mantras for your personal practice
~ Om meaning, historical references and how to use it in your daily practice
~ Introduction to Shakti Seed Mantras
~ Om Namah Shivaya, its Vedic origins, practice and deeper meanings
~ So Hum Mantra, breath meditation and ousing kundalini, the inner aspects of mantra yoga
~ Mantra Yoga and its relation to the higher limbs of Patanjali's eight fold path
~ Closing mantras and their meaning

$25 by March 5th and $35 after

Led by: Trevor Chaitanya PrtamHari Eller -- yoga therapist, massage therapist and director of the Yoga Maya School of Yoga, Vedanta and Mantra

Earlier Event: February 23
Later Event: March 10
Ashtanga Playshop