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Frame Drum Workshop

An Introduction to Frame Drum Wisdom Play-Shop with Karen Renée Robb.
Pre-register by April 5th - $30 / After the 5th - $35

Frame Drum Wisdom is dedicated to bringing the power of sound vibration and music for well-being and healing back into the hands of the individual, their family, community and organizations they serve. Join us as we explore the mystery of sound through the ancient wisdom of the frame drum. Together we will learn to sound, sing and chant into the frame drum creating a beautiful, “other worldly” resonance; learn to drum over others creating a stress reducing, calming effect; and just play together finding new ways to interact with the drum and each other.

This play-shop is uniquely designed to:
Reclaim Your Voice For Healing - Your Voice Matters
✻ Embrace your authentic voice & personal power
✻ Discover how our voice is uniquely designed for your body, mind, emotional and spiritual well-being - resonate your sound, your voice, in your body.
✻ Experience a unique tool for communication, connection, creativity and improvisation.
Learn Sound Vibration Massage - Drum Away Stress
✻ Experience and share the relaxation of a full body massage in less than 4 minutes
✻ Calm the mental “monkey mind” and reduces stress and tension.
✻ Feel how sound moves through your body

“I believe that we each have healing power within our very own voices. Singing, toning, chanting is not just for the masters of music, the people deemed by society to be the official entertainers...it is for everyone. It is accessible wherever we are, wherever we go. The key is to help people realize that their own authentic voice matters, first and foremost and then show them how they can use it to be well and stay healthy.” 
– Karen Renée Robb, Founder of Frame Drum Wisdom

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